Changing Skies

Technology has changed the way we learned. To teach soldiers Morse code, an instructional video was created to enhance speed, memory, and effectiveness of learning. It provided a visual, audio, and a tactile option, to help all soldiers learn Morse code. Today, technology has advanced to the point where we use video, power point, computers, and the internet as modes to the way we learn.

Technology combined with the new way we learn is changing the way we work. Ten years ago, it would have been unimaginable that the workplace would disappear. Office buildings, office spaces, and office hours may all be a thing of the past.

In The New Workplace, Hamilton writes, “Work anywhere, anytime is the new paradigm. Your car, your home, your office, even your client’s office. Work alone, coupled, teamed. Work in real space or in cyberspace. It amounts to a massive disaggregation of work, spinning outside the walls and confines of the traditional office.”

The traditional workplace is still used for team meetings and team-building activities. However, private cubicles are being replaced by open spaces to increase the interaction and productivity of all employees.

Fifty years ago, technology enhanced the way we learn. Today, technology will enhance the way we work. By getting rid of the “workplace”, companies are looking for a more effective way to get business done and get the most of their employees.

The idea that three hundred Chinese workers are willing to commit suicide because of their working condition compared to US workers who have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime is mindboggling – especially because it’s happening at the same time in history and the US was in that very situation only a hundred years ago.


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