I Want to Break Free

A couple of years ago, South Park put their take on Facebook in an episode called “You Have 0 Friends.” In the episode, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny make Stan a Facebook profile against his will…Two years ago, it was a choice not to have a Facebook, today it’s an inconvenience. Many sites intertwined Facebook with their system and without an account it is impossible to do basic functions like leave a comment. Other sites post deals and the latest news only on Facebook. Before, the pressure use Facebook was from friends, today it is also from businesses spectrum.

To his annoyance and frustration, Stan finds people such as Randy, his grandmother and even Wendy confronting him over his supposed disregard for them and judging his real-world friendship solely by his Facebook configuration.One continual target on South Park is the older audience, who don’t want to be left behind. To compensate, they make up the largest growing demographic on Facebook. Although Facebook doesn’t have an age restrictions, I wouldn’t be against it. Everyone knows someone who just should not be on Facebook. Another target are the overly-obsessed users/ and or users that spend way too much time on Facebook. Often times, these groups of people have a blurred sense of reality, and find life easier which leads them to live more and more in the virtual world.

(Stan) finally decided to delete it, only to find that Facebook refuses to allow him to. Instead of deleting his account, Stan is forcibly transported by the software into the virtual world of Facebook …The idea that Facebook refuses to allow users to leave is not that farfetched. Once you create your account, the information is stored forever. Pictures uploaded, put a face to the name, and even if you delete your count the info is saved. Unlike computers, Facebook can not be unplugged, making it impossible to leave. The scary situation is you don’t need to have a Facebook account to be inside the digital world.



~ by digitalamericathebeautiful on February 24, 2012.

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  1. Good.

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