The Way I Am

1) What do I care about?

First there are the important things like family, friends, foods, religion, my health and education. This group is the fundamental basis of my life. They are important for the obvious reasons. Then there are the fun things and it mainly consists of sports and pop culture entertainment.

2) Do I want social change?

Yes. Our society is not perfect, and any change to make it better is welcomed. But the more important question is would I get involved in that change. Right now, the answer is no. Until what I have to lose is less than what I have to gain, I probably would not get involved.

3) How can I start or prevent it?

To start change, we have to first start with ourselves. Change happens from within. For our generation, education and experience is key. The more we educate ourselves and the more we get involved, then the more of an impact our involvement will be. To prevent change, do the opposite of this which is nothing at all.

4) Are these people smarter than me?

Yes and no. Right now I would say yes, but in a week or two, the answer could change to no. In the age of technology, your comparative intelligence to someone else is only as good as the information that can’t be looked up or understood. In Catch Me If You Can, DiCaprio’s character learns how to become a doctor and lawyer from watching television shows. That same principle is only magnified today. It is not inconceivable, that any of us could replicate what they did today.

5) How are these people different from me?

Culturally, they are probably very different. The culture between Hawaiians and Europeans are worlds apart. These people are also more socially active than I am. To put on a conference, and shoot a documentary about it is pretty impressive.

6) Would you have gone to the Share Conference?

7) What is your favorite class lecture so far?


~ by digitalamericathebeautiful on March 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Way I Am”

  1. 6) Would you have gone to the Share Conference?
    Personally I wouldn’t go to the share conference.

    7) What is your favorite class lecture so far?
    My favorite lecture was the lecture on how we were all digitized. I think it was a very eye opening experience for me too hear how we all in our own way have been affected by technology.

  2. 6) I hate to say it, but I would not have gone to the Share Conference. It’s just…not really my thing, you know? I hate large gatherings of people if I can help going. Plus, that whole moving nightclub thing was weird. I guess if anything I would have attended a few lectures, but that’s all…

    7) I always enjoy any time that the class centers around video games and media portrayals of digitization. The “10 Million Merits” part of the class was especially fun, I think.

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