Mr. Roboto

The Kara real time video showed a glimpse into the future. The idea of dating or having a relationship with a robot could become a real possibility. One show that tackled this issue was Futurma’s I Dated a Robot episode. In the episode, Fry discoveries that he could make his fantasy of dating a celebrity come true by downloading the personality and physical features of the celebrity into a blank robot. In addition, he could also program the robot to like him. The whole episode revolves around the relationship between Fry and his Lucy Liubot until the eventual destruction of their relationship.

The first point of this episode was even with the social stigma and dangers of dating robots in the future, Fry decided to go for it anyway. His fellow employees warned him by showing a propaganda video similar to Boys Beware. However, he still chose to download the celebrity profile and ended up falling in love with the robot. What I take away from this is that majority of the population will avoid having a relationship with robots. I believe that as technology advances to where robots become sellable, so will the education and knowledge. However, this won’t stop everyone from partaking in robot relationships. In Fry’s case, he was from a former century and was not acclimated with his new environment. It would seem that the outliers of this problem would be those that did not grow up in the tech-age or those from a different culture. The second point made was from Bender, who was offended by the idea of competing for female robots with humans. Currently, this is not a pressing issue because the stereotypical man, who would date a robot, would probably not be an attractive mate in society. The only potential problem I see is if this group expands. It is fun to predict what technological advances with robots we will have with the future; the difficulty is predicting whether or not society will be as evolved with the technology. If society is, this will not be a problem; if society is not, we are looking at an interesting future.


~ by digitalamericathebeautiful on March 21, 2012.

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  1. I believe that as technology advances to where robots become sellable, so will the education and knowledge.

    Why? An increase in education and knowledge tends to make you more open to new things.

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