The College Dropout


The presentation of the presentations in class was interesting. There was a wide range of topics as well as creativity involved. The one that stood out to me the most was the walk out presentation. The idea of protesting UH by taking a semester off emphasized the great divide at UH.

I don’t know if it was by design, but one of the most fascinating parts about UH is that on one side of the campus there is the Shidler College of Business, and on the other side there is the American Studies program. On one side, there are the professionals, Asian dominated school of business. On the other, there are the skateboarders, artists, and mixed race school of American studies. While no one agrees with UH tuition prices and other decisions, the interesting part is how each side goes about to fix the problem. In the case of Shidler, the student’s approach is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The solution is not to fix UH, but make the most of the situation, and the ends will justify the means. From the minute you enter Shidler, you are bombarded with advertisement about what clubs to join, what events to pursue, and what internships to take, and career fairs to attend. Basically, the college is set up to give the students the confidence and opportunity to succeed after graduating, and that will pay off the struggles of UH. They eliminate any possibility of business students joining that cause.

The American Studies approach is to actually fix the problem. The students here think of ideas, solutions, and giving the students possibilities to make the change. In class there was the suggestion of protecting the students by giving them jobs and earn money while they take the semester off in protest.  The fundamental thinking between students at both colleges are worlds apart, and it seems that it will always be worlds apart figuratively and literally.

The answer probably remains in the middle. If somehow the school was connected, and ideas could be spread across the campus, maybe more students would consider the protest. If each major was set up to give students the opportunities that Shidler provides, maybe students wouldn’t get frustrated enough to protest. But back to the point about design, was it just a coincidence or planned. This reminds me of the history of labor in Hawaii, and how races were designed to be separated. Sadly, a design so simple has such an effect that the problem will continue for generations to come.


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  1. NICE!

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