Get Rich or Die Trying

The Tupac hologram at the Coachella festival took viewers through a wave of emotions. First viewers were shocked to see Tupac. Then there was the uncertainty and questioning how is this possible. Then there was the acceptance and excitement to actually seeing a hologram of Tupac.

After digesting the fact that Tupac is now a hologram, the simple fact remains nostalgia = exploitation. History has shown that one of the easiest ways to make a buck is to sell people old memories. The last memory I have of a hologram is in Return of the Jedi. What George Lucas and Steven Spielberg did to Star Wars and Indiana Jones is unspeakable. Those two directors clearly played on the nostalgia factor of diehard fans everywhere, and ruined perfect movies forever. Sadly, every time I see a hologram, as cool as it may be, it will always be stained with exploitation.

But back to the nature at hand, the price to cost ratio of creating a hologram is almost too hard to past up. Reports are that it cost between $100K to $400K to create the Tupac hologram. Considering traveling expenses and compensation of a live performer, the price of the hologram almost paid for itself. The publicity that the performance received was an added bonus, and already there are talks to bring back every dead musician. When you take into consideration, that the cost holograms will decrease due to efficiency, there will be no telling how many hologram concerts we will see. Michael Jackson, a Beatles reunion, and Elvis could all grace the stage in the future. As long as people will pay to relive their history, concert promoters will charge them and holograms will be an easy way to make more money. -20120416


~ by digitalamericathebeautiful on May 4, 2012.

One Response to “Get Rich or Die Trying”

  1. Just like a generation bought all their old vinyl records on CD, another generation will pay for the entertainment experiences of previous generations.

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