Losing My Religion

There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Mark Twain popularized this saying about the pervasive power of numbers used to bolster weak arguments.

In class, one of our fellow students gave a presentation showing that technology is a religion. He first set up the characteristics that all religions have in common, and showed how technology fit into each of those categories. I can’t disagree with those points, just like I can’t disagree when someone uses statistics to prove a point. However, there is a reason why people do not except technology or Scientology as a real religion. My belief is that all of the world’s major religions have attributes like spirituality, a book or guide, and human devotion that have become synonymous with the word “religion.” And that changes the meaning of the word and evolves the word to more than just its definition. So when our friend argued that technology is a religion, in one sense he was arguing on the technical definition, while some of us believe in the functional definition.   

 In the first class, there was a discussion on whether the Royal Wedding was real. Technically it had all the requirements to make it real. Officially, Prince William is really married to Kate. However, there was the feeling that elements of the wedding were staged almost like a reality show. Whether it was the cameras that were set up to get the right shot, the commentary from every major news organization in America, or the channels that broadcasted it all around the world, the point was that it didn’t feel like a genuine wedding. This same argument can be made for the Kardashian wedding, every Bachelor/Bachelorette series, and every reality couple that marry on television. On the technical sense sure its real, but in reality is it?

For the record, while I don’t believe that technology is a religion, I do believe that the Royal Wedding was real. I don’t know what that means.



~ by digitalamericathebeautiful on May 4, 2012.

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