The Message

During the semester an activist joined our class and discussed his viewpoint on practically every topic. Whether he knew it or not, there was a serious disconnect between him and the majority of the class. To me, the problem with the activist wasn’t his race, age or even his viewpoints. There were older people, of all races who gave opinions that I completely disagreed with. The difference was that I actually listened and thought about what others had to say. So the main question is why is there a complete dismissal on one hand, and an acceptance on the other. Here are my two underlying factors.

The Millennial Mindset: In class we examined the #fixyoungamerica chalk drawing at the Manoa campus. The first impression was that the site was a scam, and it needed serious improvements. The episode that went down in class says two things about our generation. First is that we are very quick to judge, and secondly we are very picky and decisive about what we like and dislike. Imagine growing up in an environment were everything is surrounded by ads. Naturally, the ads become like white noise, and companies/organizations are forced to produce creative and relatable promotions. If they don’t, millennials immediately reject it and move on to the next one.

 Relating to the Millennials: To make fixyoungamerica credible, the founders decided to make a video pleading Stephen Colbert to help them with their cause. The main problem with there plan is that getting Stephen Colbert won’t fix the problem, it just covers it. The design was wrong from the beginning, and while similar in age, the founders could never relate to people their own age. Basically they had no credibility among our generation. This point could be summed up in one saying, real recognizes real. Their website had so many problems, and our class quickly deemed it a scam.

So relating it back to the premise, the main problem with the Activist was that he was born “outside of the sub” and he was too far removed, or couldn’t adapt to life “in the sub”. Because he could not relate to life in the sub, it was like fixyoungamerica all over again. Before listening to his points with an open mind, I could see people dismissing him almost immediately. If a person has no credibility to the group and cannot relate or connect with the group, the group quickly rejects that person and moves on.


~ by digitalamericathebeautiful on May 6, 2012.

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